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Watery Tale Hawk

This Storywalk was created for the Frome Festival by children from Frome schools.

They spent two days walking, being inspired and writing and the following stories are the fruits of their labour!

If you want to know more about my Storywalks including school Storywalks experience days where your pupils get to write the stories in the Storywalk Engine, plus creative literacy sessions, then please get in touch.

Christopher Jelley - Claire Vowell

Chapter one

The Watery Tale

The river Frome runs deep and fast,
So many stories it has seen in its past.
The water bubbles, gurgles, froths and foams,
On it meanders, round corners it roams.
On the river banks in the shade of the trees,
Stories unfolding through histories.
Of bygone people and a bygone age,
Tales of life and mystery to cover many a page.
But, where are these stories? On the wind they run free.
Tiny clues remain unearthed to be found by you and me.
We've searched and discovered, with youthful creation
A myriad of ideas inspired by location.
Then crafted and polished and carefully penned
So a patchwork of stories from the library extend.
With devices in hand follow our direction
as words and pictures reveal for your inspection.
Our stories await you, let your imagination free,
Come and visit Frome's hidden tale tapestry!
Walk straight ahead, you will e a tree surrounded by rails on the edge of the car park.
Chapter two

The Trapped Tree.

Once there was a trapped tree. The tree was trapped because an evil goblin had imprisoned it, because he doesn't like trees and doesn't want them in the world. The tree had tried to escape but the bars were too tight.

As you walk up to the tree, "Help me! Can you free me?" Cried the tree.
"How can I free you?" You ask the tree.
"You have to make up a magic spell with the words ' free the tree ' in it."

You must make up a magic spell and say it to the tree, for example - Free the tree, free the tree quickly ,quickly free the tree, whilst you're saying the magic spell you must walk around the tree anti-clockwise and touch the poppies as you go round. When you've made up a spell, there will be a WHOOSH and a BANG, and the tree is free! The tree thanks you as you go and you say goodbye and away you go!
Chapter three

Walk around the edge of the pavement with the river on your left past the Jenson Button Bridge. You are looking past the fourth tree on the left at the canoe gates over the river.
Chapter four

Chapter five

The Trespasser

One summer day Lilly was out canoeing to practice for her class race. She carefully glided through each gate, avoiding the ones with crossed out numbers above. But when passed through the gates with no crossed out number she felt something skim her oar. A little fish jumped out the river and splashed Lilly as it fell back in it left ripples just slightly bigger that himself. Then when Lilly looked up a black figure stepped out the water his black cloak dripping wet. The black figure turned around and disappeared through the gate in front of him. " Excuse me you're not supposed to go through the gates with crossed of numbers on top of them". Lilly called but it was to late the figure had gone. Lilly looked around then gently rowed through the gate.

She found herself canoeing down a clear blue river with a white fence running along the side of the path. There were trees with bright green leaves, fresh fruit and tropical flowers growing on them. The warm wind blew and petals floated gracefully to the ground. Meanwhile, the figure was sneaking round sheds and garages and hiding under water so Lilly followed him. He climbed out the river onto the path and was ducking whenever he saw a white box with a small red light inside but he didn`t see one hidden in a tree. But when he walked past it the red light turned on and a siren started wailing INTRUDER INTRUDER and the black figure jumped into the the river splashing what seemed to be an alarm. A small fish jumped out the water in shock this was strangely the same fish from before. Lilly pulled her canoe to the side of the river and tied it up to a post. She stepped onto the path and hid behind a bush. Suddenly a donkey police man came along the path. " The Trespassers back!" he called, and a pig came running up the path with handcuffs "where is he then?" said the pig "I don`t know " the donkey said quietly " drain out the river " said the pig. He pressed a button in a tree and the water in the river slowly drained out a giant plug hole and the Trespasser's hiding place was revealed Lilly came out of hiding and went back to practice. When the race came Lilly swerved past all her opponents and rowed over the finish line, and the trespasser was locked up for the rest of the year.
Walk along the path until you reach the grey container to the left of the canoe club. You are looking for the lock on the door!
Chapter six

The padlock of DOOM!!!

In this wood a person named Sophie was walking when she heard a growl, she stopped dead still she didn't dare to move she looked around then there was a rumble! It came from a box it was metal, how peculiar she thought. As she got closer the rumbles turned into voices, they were asking for help. When she got closer the padlock that was locking them in was glowing and on the side it said SPIRE inc they thought that must be their capturer. They knew she needed to help them but she didn't know how. Suddenly a voice came and said "find the key find the key"

A few minutes later once they had adjusted to every thing they set off Sophie was also told that the strangest places have the most useful things. Sophie was thinking about it thinking and thinking about it then she stopped . There was a small hole in it was a tiny troll he handed the person a note it said 123 you will be help to me! Then the troll disappeared.

Sophie thought about it then stuffed it in her pocket but when she was walking it fell out of her pocket! She walked a bit further and noticed that it was gone she quickly retraced her steps and then they saw it fluttering in the wind she jumped and caught it then walked forward and a word apeard ALIVE! She sat down to think about it he then reapeted it and..................all the animals on the bench came to life ! Suddenly they were all chatting to each other she sat down again then he heard a loud screech it was an owl it had climbed down from the bench Sophie had jumped when he had heard the owl

"You need help right "asked the owl "yes "replied Sophie "well we can help said some animals that were climbing out from the bench. A whole range of animals climbed out. We can lead you all the way there if you like there are some things that you need to succeed. As they were scampering off there was a creak a rock moved Sophie pushed it and out came a beautiful golden fish. It wriggled and it twiddled and it slipped right out of Sophies hand and it dived into the river and started swimming they all had to run to catch up, they then had to stop to cross the road then they hurried on down the path till they saw that the fish had stopped. Then the fish disappeared "oh that's just great "Sophie said now those creatures will never be rescued then a light came out of a small hole!

The hole said "unlock unlock you need the lock don't be mislead or you will end up dead"! Maybe it's a clue so they carried they carried on walking. Why would we be dead? It must be quite dangerous maybe it's where the key is . So they stopped to look around for somewere dangerous where the key might be. There was only a bat box maybe that's where the key might be because there are a lot of places to hide it and it might be misleading

So they started to climb the tree the owl flew up and was going to open the box, opened it a whole lot of bats flew out every one ducked to avoid the bats and at the back of the box was a cage and inside the cage was the key they all reached forwards and got it they all quickly ran back to the padlock and thrust the key in. Suddenly out came a whole lot of magical beasts like dragons, unicorns, goblins, elves and trolls. They all ran off and Sophie had no idea what happened and then the padlock disappeared in a flash like nothing had happened ..............
Chapter seven

Your next chapter will trigger under the railway bridge, by the river.
Chapter eight

The hole of weirdness!!!!

Once there was a little troll called Og and Og's mum had told him to go on a bike ride so he did.
He was going to ride from the library to the park but when he got to the bridge he crashed into a weird table in the middle of the path. He went to the floor and his earring fell off and went into a hole "OH NO" screamed Og whilst lying on the floor then he noticed something on the table it was a bottle and on that bottle it had a label and on that label it said 'drink me' so Og drank half the bottle and started shrinking and then he had an idea! He could shink as small as the hole and then he could climb in and get the earring. But he shrank too small and couldn't reach the hole. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a cake and on it in green icing it said 'eat me' so Og ate a tiny bit of the cake and grew just the right size and went into the hole it was dark but he kept on going.

Then suddenly there was a big BUMP!!!!!! He had fallen into a new land he looked around and the trees were blue and and pigs could fly, then he looked in front of him and saw some twins "hi we're Spot and Dot did you want anything?"
"Yes, did you see a earring roll past?" asked Og.
"Yep we saw one, it went past Evil bunny lane,through poison grass fielding down Lava lake!".
So he started to head off to Evil Bunny lane and when he got there he could not see any evil bunnies. So, he took another step and suddenly 5 bunnies jumped out at him so he reached into his backpack and got some lettuce out of his sandwich and threw it and all the bunnies ran after it. He sneaked across and went to poison grass field.
He got to poison grass field and it just looked like a normal field but then he saw a red bull and it walked on to the grass and got burnt up into dust, so he didn't really want to touch it so he got his teleporter out and teleported to the other side and ran to river lava.

On the other side of river lava he could see his earring (much bigger than before) and he thought how to get over, then he saw a frog and he got an idea, he gave the frog the rest of the cake and it grew bigger, he climbed onto its back and jumped over, picked up the earring and went back to the hole, climbed though it and went home.
Chapter nine

Walk back to the library for your final chapter.
Chapter ten


You've walked, read and absorbed and we hope you've enjoyed,
Inspired tales about Frome that cannot be destroyed.
Stories are everywhere, that much is true,
Locked within nature and all around you.
Our mission is over, our tales are completed,
They're here to be enjoyed, re-read and repeated.
So share them with friends and take others on our walk.
Stories need an audience, so through you they can talk.
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