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Watery Tale Sparrow

This Storywalk was created for the Frome Festival by children from Frome schools.

They spent two days walking, being inspired and writing and the following stories are the fruits of their labour!

If you want to know more about my Storywalks including school Storywalks experience days where your pupils get to write the stories in the Storywalk Engine, plus creative literacy sessions, then please get in touch.

Christopher Jelley - Claire Vowell

This trail begins outside the Frome Library, travel to that location for the first chapter to reveal.
Chapter one

The Watery Tale

The river Frome runs deep and fast,
So many stories it has seen in its past.
The water bubbles, gurgles, froths and foams,
On it meanders, round corners it roams.
On the river banks in the shade of the trees,
Stories unfolding through histories.
Of bygone people and a bygone age,
Tales of life and mystery to cover many a page.
But, where are these stories? On the wind they run free.
Tiny clues remain unearthed to be found by you and me.
We've searched and discovered, with youthful creation
A myriad of ideas inspired by location.
Then crafted and polished and carefully penned
So a patchwork of stories from the library extend.
With devices in hand follow our direction
as words and pictures reveal for your inspection.
Our stories await you, let your imagination free,
Come and visit Frome's hidden tale tapestry!
Turn right out of the library and walk along the wall until you reach the brass mailbox.
Chapter two


One day a postman came to deliver a parcel. He's one of those postmen who looks at the stuff he delivers.

He decided to look in it so he did. Inside was a giant diamond, the diamond had a number on it the number was 21.

He didn't know what it meant so he just delivered it in the postbox but
the postbox wasn't a postbox it was a mouth.The mouth shouted it said"MY PARCELS'S BEEN OPENED!" The postman got scared and tried to run.

But the postbox grew long and ate him whole.
Right at that moment a baby was born not just a normal baby a special baby!

This baby is the hero of our story.
20 years later he went to the river he could hear the water splashing this person was called Dave.

After Dave spent a hour looking at the river he went to the library. He saw a postbox so he put his hand in it because he wanted to see if it had mail in it. But some metal arms came out, so he ran down the pathway to the corner of the street.

Next day he went back to the letter box with a strong sword he put his hand in the letter box and out came some metal arms. He chopped the arms off and destroyed the letter box.

Then the number 21 came out so he picked it up. As soon as he picked it up he got teleported to a castle!

Suddenly,there was a guard. The guard said "Say a number if you want to get married with a princess" So Dave said "The number I guess is 21" So he won! He got married to Katy the princess!





Chapter three

Facing the carpark, go diagonally to the stone bench and look for the carving of the 3 fish on the side.
Chapter four

The sun and the three fish

Once upon a time two million years ago one person went to the moon. He left a candle burning and the sun got too close and got hot and went bright pink and made a sound like water flowing down a plug. A smell like marshmallows mixed with cookies and strawberries. The sun got so evil he thought that he could burn the Earth then Mars

I was walking across the Jenson Button bridge, I looked down into the river but there was no river. I started to feel very hot and I looked up at the PINK sun. I ran to inventor Dr Tomtoe. I knocked and knocked then the door opened I said "Come out of the cellar and look at the sun" Dr Tomtoe said "Gosh I know what to do, I will build a rocket with a giant fan and a giant ice cube to cool down the sun" so two days later it was built.

We sent the rocket with the giant fan and giant ice cube and the sun cooled down and it rained then all the rivers filled. The three fish rose up and swam happily up and down.

Chapter five

Chapter six

Follow the pavement, past the red sign with the river on the left. Pass the Jenson Button bridge and keep walking until you see the steps leading to the river. To the left of he steps you will see the first broken pipe.
Chapter seven

Finn's story

One day in an aquarium a piranha fish named Bruce was bashing at the glass on his enclosure because he hated being kept inside and not in a river or lake. But he hit the glass way too hard and it smashed and he came tumbling out with a couple of hundred gallons of water. It wasn't all good though because he had fallen into the shark tank and they hadn't been fed yet so it was very dangerous!

The biggest and scariest shark turned around and saw something, that something was Bruce! He was going after Bruce for his lunch. Now it was the most watery chase of all time (the battle of the fish). Bruce sped away but the shark really needed food so he chased after him for food and he wouldn't stop. Bruce turned a corner, but so did the shark, Bruce dipped down but so did the shark.

He was stuck, there was no way out, he wouldn't survive! "Snap!" the shark snapped but magically he missed. Oddly the vibration from the attempted bite made Bruce float through the opening into the filter, he was safe, for now.

He swam and he swam and he swam but he never came to any light, any fish or any other creatures for that matter. All he saw was fish remains and goo falling from the top of the pipes, sometimes he thought he saw shadows of other fish but it was just his shadow. All he hoped was that he would survive unlike the other poor fish that went through this tragedy. All he hoped was that he would be out of the pipes soon...........

Thankfully soon afterwards he saw some light, he had been in the dark for so long now it hurt his eyes a bit, but he got used to it pretty quickly. He didn't know where he was but he had ended up in this very river, the river Frome.

And still to this day he is swimming around the river waiting for his revenge on that shark!
Chapter eight

Walk along the pavement to the green fencing, with a concrete slope behind it, just before the railway bridge.
Chapter nine

What Lies Under The Bridge

13 year old Mia was walking along the river Frome with her dog, Digger. She liked stopping to look at things. One day, when she stopped by the canoe club, she saw a tall green fence with a concrete slope behind it. She went over to have a look, but before she could get very close a strong wind blew her to the other side of the river.

She landed on a bit of brick that was there that had a bit of graffiti on the wall above it. Next to the slope there was a patch of ivy. Mia noticed that the sky was darkening, so she curled up on it to try and sleep when Digger came and lay down with her.
When she woke up the next morning, she saw a girl staring down at her. Who was this? Mia was very confused because she didn't know anyone could get to this side of the river. The girl spoke with a soft voice, "My name is Leah," she said, "and I have nature powers. This is weird I know but it's true." Leah had a little white dress on and bare feet. She had very pale feet and long black hair down to her knees.
"Why are you here?" Asked Mia frowning. Leah sighed and explained that she was trying to stop the forest behind the bridge be chopped down.
"Well that should be simple since you have powers." Said Mia.
"It's not that simple." Explained Leah as though she was ten years older than she actually was (she was 11). "You need two people. Unless..."
"Unless what?" Asked Mia, suspicion tinging her voice.
"I could give you powers and you could help me." Replied Leah thoughtfully.
"What!!" Squeaked Mia. "I don't know the first thing about... about... well whatever that is."
"That's OK. I can teach you." Said Leah. "Now see that graffiti on the wall, the one that says VFC then S, well, I'm going to teach you using that."
"What, that has nothing to do with nature!" cried Mia.
Leah just sighed. "Come here. Let me give you powers."
Mia stepped forward. I am actually really excited about this thought Mia as a broad grin spread across her face.
"Bow your head." Insructed Leah. Mia did as she was told. She felt a buzz of energy when Leah gave her powers.
"Now I want you to shoot a fire ball at that F..."
Soon Mia was perfect and was ready.

"Now, we are going to change into baboons and climb up a tree." Explained Leah pointing to the trees. Once they were up they had to wait for the men to arrive. By the time they had Mia was shaking. They were really scary! They had chainsaws! What if they cut down her tree? What would she do? Soon Leah gave her a signal and they both jumped from the tree, beating there chests. One of the men ran screaming but the other stood his ground. He turned towards a tree and raised his chainsaw. But before he could do anything, Leah came out of the trees as a tiger growling loudly. Shaking the man pulled out a phone and started gabberlig like an idiot. "This forest is full of wild animals we can't chop down the forest...yes yes boss... No boss...never again boss." Then he turned and ran.
Leah and Mia changed back and high fived. Then Mia and Digger were blown back.

The End
Walk along the path, under the bridge to the woodland area. Turn right and you will see a wooden post like a flame with a squirrel carved on it.
Chapter ten

The Forest Post

One day, when the wind was rustling the leaves, Talos, a very poor servant, was running an errand for his master. Suddenly, he stumbled across a tall pillar, about as tall as himself, which was made of wood in the shape of a flame. There was a squirrel imprinted on it.

He wanted to touch it, but he hesitated. He wondered what his master would say and thought he would be furious. He thought better of it and pressed in the squirrel...

There was a grinding, clanking sound and a glittering sword rose from the top of the post. It was made of pure amethyst, with a hilt forged out of silver. As soon as that happened, there was a rumbling sound.

Suddenly, a huge bug erupted from the ground, screeching and hissing, it's mouthparts foaming. Instead of front legs, it had claws, that looked as if they could slice through metal. Talos knew at once that the huge bug was guarding the sword, but he wanted it so much. He decided to fight the bug...

He slashed and sliced with the sword, nearly cutting off one of the bug's legs. As he was doing this, he noticed a scratch mark, just below the bug's eye. He thought,"Why would that be there?" Suddenly, he guessed it might be the bug's weak spot.
He drew the sword over his head and plunged it straight into the wound. The bug let off a screeching sound. At that moment, a crevasse opened in the ground and sucked the beast into it.

Fortunately, the crevasse closed after a few seconds. After a while, Talos went back to his master's castle and told him the tale of what had happened. His master congratulated Talos and freed from him from his life of slavery!

Chapter eleven

Your final chapter will reveal at the bench on your right halfway down the path.
Chapter twelve

You've walked, read and absorbed and we hope you've enjoyed,
Inspired tales about Frome that cannot be destroyed.
Stories are everywhere, that much is true,
Locked within nature and all around you.
Our mission is over, our tales are completed,
They're here to be enjoyed, re-read and repeated.
So share them with friends and take others on our walk.
Stories need an audience, so through you they can talk.
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